What’s the goal of every company? It can be summed up in one word: success. And to achieve it, team work and respect between colleagues are fundamental factors. Employees are the main asset of any organization and their wellbeing directly affects each person’s work performance. For this reason, team building activities are vital for companies to achieve efficient collective growth.

A team can’t achieve anything until each member is centered and focused on their responsibilities. In order for this to happen, each individual must feel motivated to do their best. Team building activities should be part of a company’s work plan, so that beyond working to achieve a common goal, employees learn to feel connected and happy to go to work every day. Sounds incredible, right?

What is team building?

One of the main proponents of this concept was Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, who said “getting together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” With these words many business people became aware of the importance of team work.

And the concept of team building thus began to include a work methodology, which includes diverse activities to motivate team members and improve overall performance. You can’t simply wait for each employer to work on their own, the motivation factor is necessary.

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It’s important to note that as humans, we all appreciate love. Anyone who does their job exceptionally well should be praised publically. This helps them to feel happy and motivated to continue improving their work next time. Also remember never to criticize or demotivate a team member, but rather if someone has not been giving their work 100% of their effort you can ask them to try harder.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

1. Improving communication 

Activities that generate conversation allow for open communication between employees, employers, and directors. A key point of team building activities is improving office relations and in turn, the quality of work being done.

2. Motivating employers 

Leadership and team building go hand in hand. Team building activities aim to help employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions, to make them more confident. This motivates people to take on new challenges.

3. Promoting creativity 

Taking a work team out of the office and exposing them to new experiences helps people to think outside of their normal routines. Team building activities help team members to work together and light the spark of creativity and new ideas, which is essential to bring about change at the office.

4. Developing problem solving skills 

In public relations, a crisis can happen at any time. Team building activities improve people’s ability to think rationally and strategically. Teams are thus able to determine what to do when a problem comes up, and they can handle it efficiently when there’s a real crisis.

5. Breaking barriers 

Team building activities raise the confidence of employees. There’s often a disconnection between management and employees in corporate environments, and employees often feel there’s a wall between these two groups. Team building exercises give managers the chance to be seen as colleagues rather than bosses, which can work wonders for employee morale. 

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The benefits of team building exercises are excellent without a doubt. If you haven’t used this initiative for your company yet, you should start in order to improve your company’s productivity. When people work as a team, they divide up work between them and objectives are met at a much quicker pace.

The days of the word “boss” being synonymous with terror for employees are long gone. Now, a team leader is also a part of the team, just with some additional responsibilities.