You don’t need to be a lover of beaches to fall in love with Guanacaste, but considering that this region is home to 139 beaches with a vast array of scenic beauty, it maybe helps. According to the National Institute of Geography, this province has more than 200 kilometers of sandy coastlines, which is the second largest amount in Costa Rica. In this article you will find the best beaches in Guanacaste

Pristine beaches, islets, and beautiful bays surrounded by dry tropical forests with an abundance of wildlife are what await visitors in the beautiful Guanacaste province. All of these natural destinations are only minutes away from modern hotels and gourmet restaurants, which embody the unique “pura vida” essence of the country. All of this makes the province an excellent destination for incentive trips and the production of high quality events.

Guanacaste is a destination that cannot be missed for tourists who love exotic beaches. Besides providing excellent conditions to enjoy the sun and to swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, it’s also an ideal place for sport fishing, world class scuba diving, surfing for all levels, and a long list of other ocean activities. 

So, are you ready to visit the paradisiacal beaches of this province? Whether it’s for a vacation, for business, or for incentive trips, this destination offers the best resources. The following is a small list of the best beaches in Guanacaste.

Top beaches in Guanacaste: 

Conchal Beach

Conchal is considered one of Guanacaste’s most exotic beaches, spanning across 2 kilometers. It’s famous for its white sand, which is made up of millions of pulverized shell and rock particles, which makes it very special.

This beach is mainly very sunny, with 12 hours of daylight from December to April. The water is a very nice temperature and is characterized by being totally transparent and surrounded by lush tropical nature.

Of all the activities offered at Conchal Beach, some that stand out are: snorkeling, scuba diving, boat rides, and horseback riding. It’s also located close to some national parks, nature reserves, and a small estuary.

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is one of the top destinations in the province for those who want to spend time in the sun on the beach. This paradisiacal location is a combination of beautiful beaches, wildlife, well developed touristic infrastructure, a variety of hotels and restaurants, and nightlife options.

The beach spans across 2 kilometers, and has white sand and gentle waves which are perfect for snorkelling, swimming, or those who want to learn how to surf. Surroundings including oak trees, tamarind trees, and coconut trees complement this location’s beauty.

Grande Beach

This beach gets its name from how long it is. It’s one of Guanacaste’s most famous surf beaches because of the amazing waves here. It’s also a very important nature reserve for the nesting of Leatherback Turtles, which arrive in May and October.

This beach’s white sands span across 3 kilometers and here you can find waves consistently throughout the year. Its wonderful mangrove surroundings are home to an abundant variety of flora and fauna.

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Avellanas Beach

Located on Guanacaste’s golden coast, Avellanas Beach has crystal waters and spans across 2 kilometres, with a rocky coast at its southernmost end. Its world class waves and relaxing coastline have made it a surfer’s paradise. The locals even it call it “little Hawaii”, as the waves can reach a height of 5.5 metres during high tide. 

Visitors to the beach will hear about the legend of the 400 kilogram pig named Lola, who has been the star of this beautiful beach for a while, and who can be found resting or swimming in the turquoise waters. Although the original Lola passed away, now there’s always a reigning piggy that takes her place and gives Avellanas Beach a touch of eccentricity.

Naranjo Beach

Naranjo Beach, also known as the pearl of the Gulf of Papagayo, is the last on this list of Guanacaste’s best beaches. This location is hidden in Santa Rosa National Park, and is full of scenic beauty.

It has greyish-white sand, gentle waves, and is surrounded by forests and mangroves. Some activities available at Naranjo Beach are hiking along the park’s trails, surfing large waves, and watching sea turtles.

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These beaches sound impressive, don’t you agree?

This is only a small list of the wonderful beaches that you can find in Guanacaste. If you’re planning a family vacation or an incentive trip for your company, this province is one of the best options to enjoy quality time.