Coffee & Chocolate Tours

A wide variety of microclimates and altitudes all within a short distance, provide ideal conditions for coffee production in Costa Rica. If you love coffee, learn about the growing and producing of coffee beans and join the tasting of different types for an added experience.

The chocolate and coffee tours are great for anyone interested in learning the history and growing process of both delicious products through an authentic experience.

Chocolate is grown in Costa Rica, although not in all regions. This tour offers the opportunity to learn about the creative process of the world’s favorite sweet. After learning about its history, you will participate in the chocolate making process and have the opportunity to taste cacao fruit and observe how the small cocoa beans are converted into a rich tasting chocolate drink.

At the end of the tour you can enjoy the taste of the chocolate you have made in a variety of forms: liquid chocolate, plain chocolate, spiced chocolate, and, of course, coffee with chocolate.  You will get the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee accompanied by a typical Costa Rican snack.