Did you know that the key issue when planning incentive trips is choosing the destination? Companies have specific budgets for these trips, so the best option is to choose a location that fulfills the team’s expectations without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll be discussing an ideal destination option and its benefits, so that your trip will be summed up in one word: successful.

The country’s welcoming nature, pleasant tropical climate, human warmth, and comfortable hotel infrastructure that can be enjoyed from coast to coast make Costa Rica an ideal destination for incentive trips. Weather the goal is to reward a work team, promote cohesion within a department, or build client loyalty, the experiences offered in the “Pura Vida” country are varied and entertaining.

If you’re going to choose Costa Rica as the destination for an incentive trip, you can consider exploring the incomparable beauty of Guanacaste while learning about its traditions and characteristics. If you want to visit the ocean, here you’ll find paradisiacal beaches, and even hot springs where you can relax. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit coffee plantations and enjoy exquisite Costa Rican coffee. Here, you will be immersed in lush nature, where you can go surfing or waterfall hiking. Remember that these are only a few of the options offered in the Costa Rican landscapes.

If you still aren’t convinced that you should take an incentive trip to Costa Rica, where magic abounds during experiences and adventures, the following is a list of 7 reasons why you should come to the tropical jewel of Central America.

Benefits of incentive trips to Costa Rica 

1. Excellent location

To reward the competitiveness or the achievements of employees, an incentive trip to Costa Rica will increase motivation and productivity.  No need to worry about the location, as the country has an ideal position within Central America.

Furthermore, Costa Rica is one of the Caribbean countries that is best served by airlines, with daily flights arriving from New York, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Mexico, and most Latin American countries.

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If you’re coming from the U.S., Canada, or Europe, flying to Costa Rica is easy. Visitors can arrive in less than three hours from Miami, in five hours from Toronto, and there are direct flights from Madrid.

2. Safety

The high level of safety is one of the main reasons to book an incentive trip to Costa Rica. In 1948 the country abolished its army, consolidating trust throughout the nation. People here highly value life, so it’s the society itself that takes care of making sure it stays this way.

Costa Ricans, otherwise known as Ticos, are attentive, hospitable, and treat tourists very well. They will be the first ones to tell you which places to visit and which places to avoid.

3. Service

An essential characteristic of Costa Rica is that it stands out worldwide for its touristic development, as prices are fair, and there’s an excellent range of services and infrastructure. You can find five star resorts, unique boutique hotels, luxury transportation, multilingual guides, gourmet cooking, and much more. All of this makes Costa Rica ideal for incentive trips.

In the “Pura Vida” country you can also find adventure at every turn. As a destination, it offers many interesting activities, such as: national parks, volcanoes, beaches, rafting, surfing, world class sport fishing, golfing, and tropical forests to explore. Cultural and nature tours include coffee production sites, butterfly and botanical gardens, rural tourism, handicrafts, and tours of cities and towns. Amazing!

4. The tropical climate

The tropical climate is one reason to plan an incentive trip to Costa Rica. The temperature is stable and tends to stay within a pleasant range. The main difference between seasons isn’t marked by degrees on a thermometer, but rather by the probability of rain.

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Summer is classified as being from December to April and it’s the driest season. The rainy season runs throughout the rest of the months, but we assure you that the weather is a great reason to choose this destination.

5. Cultural richness

To experience activities that are out of the ordinary and to discover unforgettable experiences, you should mark Costa Rica at the top of your list of destinations for incentive trips.

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Culture in unexpected ways, through living directly alongside the community and learning about gastronomy, traditional dances, and even the charismatic sayings of the Ticos. It’s a fact that an incentive trip to Costa Rica will surprise and motivate your employees.

6. Biological diversity 

If you’re looking to be in direct contact with nature during your incentive trip, we have excellent news for you. More than anything else, Costa Rica offers nature: unspoiled jungles, picturesque beaches, rivers, and active volcanoes. With more than 25% of the national territory (0.1% of the earth’s total surface area) in nature reserves, the country is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

The biodiversity will be all around you, from the colourful frogs to the toucans who capture the essence of Costa Rica with every flap of their wings.

Don’t hesitate! Come to Costa Rica and you can count on Costa Rica DMC’s services. Your incentive trip will be based on highly qualified, first rate services in a country centered on democracy and good living.