Known for its beautiful beaches along the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is the province of Guanacaste. Its capital, Liberia, the Santa Rosa National Park, the Peninsula of Papagayo, its volcanoes, hot weather, cowboy origins & lifestyle and hospitable people are Guanacaste’s main attractions.

Guanacaste has its own international airport which makes it very convenient for quick access to the beaches. Well known resort chains have flourished through the years along its coastline.  Main attractions to the area are deep sea fishing, golf, surfing, ocean sports, horseback riding, river rafting and hiking in the unique dry forests of this region.

Cattle ranching was once the main source of income for the people of Guanacaste. However, with the decline of demand for beef, many pastures are naturally reverting to dry forest or are being converted to tree plantations, such as teak. The national tree of Costa Rica is named the Guanacaste tree. The Guanacaste tree, also known as the elephant ear tree, because of its seedpods. This tree is also known for its large proportions, its expansive and often spherical crown. Once in the region, you will find many Guanacaste trees spread out through the pastures where cattle and cowboys enjoy its shade.

The local “Sabaneros” or cowboys, have always been emblematic to the life style of Guanacaste. In the area you will find herds of Brahma cows and beautiful horses.  All these constitute a strong folkloric tradition that is found in the region.

Aside from beautiful beaches, those who visit the region will find national parks, farmlands, mountains, and cloud forests, as well as diverse ecosystems, and a unique opportunity to connect with nature. A visit to Guanacaste provides an extraordinary experience.