There’s a place in Costa Rica where you can see perfect sunsets from paradisiacal beaches in a warm climate; a place surrounded by lush, green landscapes, where the flora and fauna are fascinating. Here, the service is high quality and visitors always feel at home. This amazing place is called Guanacaste.

As one of Costa Rica’s most popular provinces, Guanacaste has earned its name as a tropical paradise with its unspoiled coasts, beautiful mountains, and a series of majestic volcanoes. Visitors are attracted by the long summer days, the active culture, and the incomparable wildlife. It’s located in the extreme North West region of Costa Rica, with diverse and exotic geographical characteristics. It also offers countless recreational activities, which is why locals and international visitors love Guanacaste more and more every day.

History of Guanacaste 

As a region submerged in culture, the name Guanacaste comes from the indigenous term “quahnacaztlan”. This is the word for the tree of Guanacaste which is native to this region, and which is also Costa Rica’s national tree. Its name can be translated as “tree of the ear”, which has been associated with the giant tree’s seed pods that resemble human ears.

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It’s worth noting that this province’s culture is composed of various symbolic elements selected throughout history. Its cultural heritage originated with the first indigenous groups that populated the area around 10,000 years ago, and a strong folkloric tradition is characteristic of this region. Its largest city is Liberia, which is the region’s economic and administrative capital. It’s also the principal access point for many foreign visitors, as it is home to the country’s second international airport.

Paradisiacal beaches and National Parks

A trip to Guanacaste means endless tourist destinations to explore, including exotic beaches, national parks, and majestic volcanoes, where you will find relaxation with a dose of adventure. All of this results in unforgettable experiences which are also educational, as you will learn about the country’s rich biodiversity, its culture, its excellent ecotourism potential, and the nation’s beauty. 

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If you travel to this province in search of beaches, you will have come to the right place. The region is very popular due to the number of incredible beaches found here. They’re very diverse, and they offer visitors the opportunity to see different compositions and colours of sand and rocks. You can also find the best surf waves in the world.

Among the paradisiacal beaches that you must visit when in Guanacaste are: Conchal Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Grande Beach, Avellanas Beach, and Naranjo Beach. All of these nature destinations are located minutes away from modern hotels and gourmet restaurants that capture the unique essence of the “pura vida” country. 

However, there’s much more to this province than relaxing on the beach. It’s also home to some incredible national parks, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience wildlife up close.

Spanning across 34,800 hectares and six wildlife zones, Rincon de la Vieja National Park is a destination that is not to be missed. From active volcanoes and deep soils, this is the perfect location for your dream trip to see waterfalls, and for nature or wildlife lovers. Other parks that are not to be missed are: Palo Verde National Park and Santa Rosa National Park.

High Quality Service

The largest region in Costa Rica stands out not only because of its tourist destinations, but also because of its excellent infrastructure. Here you’ll find diverse lodging options, from all-inclusive luxury resorts, to hotels, cabins and villas. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to find the place of your dreams. 

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The effort and dedication to improving customer service
means that your stay here will exceed your wildest dreams. That’s why this province is an excellent option for family or individual trips, incentive trips, and the production of high quality events.