Horseback Riding

For those who love horses, there is no better way to enjoy a leisure stroll on mountain trails, valleys or the beach! Sometimes, if you follow the guide’s directions, you may be allowed to gallop. Horseback riding can be physically demanding for anyone who has never ridden a horse before. A usual horse tour takes approximately 2 hours; therefore we recommend that riders feel comfortable on a horse for an extended period of time. 

When riding you will be guided by a local cowboy or a naturalist guide who will take you to places you cannot get to by car, or ATV. You may ride a horse to a beautiful 600 foot waterfall or heard cattle like cowboys on a cattle ranch. If you love horses, the combination of being in tuned with nature and your horse is unbeatable!

The horse tour has a weight restriction of 230 lbs. It’s not recommended for pregnant women and people with spinal or back problems.