Morning or Sunset Cruises

Cruise along Costa Rica’s spectacular Gold Coast to disconnect from the mainland and enjoy the sea. As you sail past offshore islets, you will see brown boobies, frigates and pelicans soar through the air. You will thrill to their amazing displays of fishing prowess as they dive into the ocean and fly away with their catch.

After an approximate hour of sail, you will arrive to a secluded spot with white sand and crystal clear water. Take a moment to relax or jump in for a swim. If you choose to do some snorkeling you will find many colorful tropical fish, blowfish, rays, turtles, starfish and beautiful coral reefs. Meanwhile, the chef will prepare delicious snacks for your lunch or dinner while you sip to your preferred cocktail.

Before returning to mainland, you will again enjoy a sail on open waters where if you are lucky you will spot some dolphins and best of all, whales!