Museum and Art Gallery Tours

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica is the hub for countless museums; art galleries, theatres, as well as colonial structures spread evenly across the city.

In recent years and becoming more and more popular are the creation of festivals and artistic initiatives including the International Arts Festival which takes place every two years. The Costa Rican government has also focused in preserving the historical monuments and the creation of museums and galleries. Among the most famous Costa Rican artists are: Teodorico Quiros, who brought a modern sensibility to traditional landscape paintings during the 1920’s; Roberto Brenes Mesen, who became famous for his poems and essays during the 1930’s; Jose Joaquin Gutierrez sho captured the “Tico” idiosyncrasies in his popular “Cocori” books; Isidro Con Wong, who introduced magic realism to painting in the country; and sculptors like Ibo Bonilla.

The museums of Costa Rica offer a variety of permanent and featured exhibitions that will impress all kinds of public. The best places to explore the country’s fascinating cultural heritage is at one of the many Costa Rican museums located in San Jose, such as the Costa Rica National Museum, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Jade Museum, Costa Rican Art Museum or the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design.