Visits to Active Volcanoes

Costa Rica forms part of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, the region containing most of the world’s volcanoes. To this date Costa Rica has six active volcanoes and another 61 dormant or extinct ones. Most volcanoes are in protected national reserves, which contain vast regions of protected nature and habitat. Leading to most of the craters and nearby lagoons, there are intricate hiking trails with vegetation that changes depending on the closeness to the crater.

Once you reach the crater to any of the active volcanoes, you may stay for a long time just starring into the depths of the crater where lava is seen bubbling and steam coming out of the earth. The combination of the heat rising from the crater and the cool air from the mountains create intense cloud formations that change all the time.

The length of the hike depends on the capacity of the group. Some hikes may be only 1 hour maximum and others may be 3 hours or more.