Corporate Social Responsability

As a leading DMC in Costa Rica representing brand name hotels and nature and outdoor adventure tours, we believe that we must create consciousness and sustainable practices for a better world. Costa Rica has always been identified as ‘eco-friendly’. We must jointly create awareness and preserve Costa Rica’s socio and economic growth through “green”, viable, and renewable habits.

Costa Rica DMC has a commitment to its country and to you! By working with us, we agree to guide you in your choice of environmentally friendly hotels, transport, meals and suggest where your group will have a greater impact on local communities and support of nature and animal protection iniatives.

We believe tourism should be educational as well as entertaining, and needs to be sustainable. All interaction with nature will be an opportunity to learn something that normally would not be practiced at home. The experience you will live in nature, will be unique and authentic with local guides that follow strict “green ethics”. Our aim is that you learn what correct, sustainable practices signify, to then practice in your daily life.  Don’t abuse of nature, honor the environment. At each event, we try to impact the environment as little as possible, to recycle and support local communities. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is to support conservation projects in Costa Rica ranging from rural development programs to sea turtle nest protection and community education programs. 

Our efforts have been focused on involving local communities, school children and cultural traditions to our events. Local foods from local farmers for your meals and working with the hotels, transport providers and service providers who implement sustainable practices in their businesses (such as recycling of their plastic, carton, metals, mattresses, linens, generating their own electricity & saving energies, track their use of water, protect nature and wildlife and sustain rainforests and National Parks through their alliances and nature conservancy initiatives).

Thanks to the launch of this Year of Sustainable Tourism, it is hoped to improve consumer behavior in the tourism sector, change policies to encourage sustainable practices and boost green tourism on the part of service providers. – See more at:

“This is a unique opportunity to build a more responsible and committed dedicated tourism sector that can capitalize on its immense potential in terms of economic prosperity, social inclusion, peace and understanding, cultural and environmental preservation,” said UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai.