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Rainforest Aerial Tram

To gently move over the canopy of primary and secondary forests on an aerial tram allows the visitor to learn about the interaction of the flora and fauna in it, without disturbing its natural habitat. Each aerial tram has an experienced guide that explains every detail of the forest life and points out every single bird, animal, leaf or tree that needs to be noticed. It’s more of an educational tour than just sightseeing.

Inhabitants within the National Park include more than 500 species of birds, including the resplendent quetzals, bare necked umbrella bird, snowcap, brown-billed scythe bill, black-crowned ant pitta, golden browed chlorophonia, flame-throated warblers, long-tailed silky-flycatchers, yellow-eared toucanet, and latticed-tailed trogon. Over 150 mammals including howler and white faced capuchin monkeys, tapirs, Deppe’s squirrel, white-nosed coati, northern tamandua, jaguars, white-tailed deer, ocelots, pacas, raccoons, and peccaries also invite you to explore their home in Costa Rica.

Once on the ground, the National Park also offers extensive trails to explore, a large butterfly garden, an orchid garden and a terrarium where you may learn about the various amphibians and reptiles that exist in the tropics.

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