Andrea Segura

Andrea Segura

Senior Sales Manager

Andrea has vast experience in the area of sales and specializes in the management and administration of key accounts – she always delivers! She is renowned for her unwavering integrity and stability, competence in forming and maintaining relationships, assertive communication skills, resolve in completing strategic objectives, and dedication to achieving the best results possible.

She enjoys being up to date on the latest technological, academic and business trends and innovations, always learning and developing new skills.

Andrea is an athlete, passionate about health and fitness, and has already run two international marathons. She is a big supporter of animal rights and protection, loves gardening, hiking up mountains, and discovering new spots in which to be one with nature.

A mother of two boys, Andrea also cares for two dogs and a cat she adopted as pets. Her family household is big on sustainability practices; they recycle, do composting, and make sure to re-use inorganic products in order to decrease their level of consumption.