Oscar Mora

Oscar Mora

Senior Program Manager

Oscar is in charge of Operations and specializes in working with incentive groups. He welcomes clients at the airport with a genuine smile, a smile which persists throughout their entire stay in Costa Rica, until they step back onto that plane and head home. He is well-known for his friendly and sociable demeanor, and always remembered fondly by clients!

He takes lead in the supervision and execution of all planned programs, and makes sure that all necessary requirements are met, as well as conducting site inspections himself. Oscar’s top-notch social skills and amiability allows him to establish a strong connection with clients from the very first moment of interaction. It comes as no surprise that clients always end up having a great time, having had the best possible experience in Costa Rica!

Oscar is renowned for his exquisite organizational skills, that which he implements into his work every day. In addition to that, he is also a natural at solving problems, overcoming unforeseen circumstances, as well as adapting and making last-minute changes when necessary.

In his free time, he loves flying planes, riding his motorcycle, swimming, and going on walks with his gorgeous chocolate Labrador, Tango.