Green vs. Dry Season in Costa Rica: The Best Times to Visit

Costa Rica is a sought-after destination for corporate retreats and team-building activities, offering stunning scenery, exciting outdoor activities, and world-class resort accommodations. However, choosing the right time of year to visit is essential to make the most of your experience. Costa Rica has two main seasons: the dry and green seasons, each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

Here, Costa Rica DMC explores the two seasons and when to travel depending on the activities you’re interested in so you can make the best decision when planning your corporate retreat in Costa Rica.

Green Season vs. Dry Season

Many people consider the dry season, typically from December to April, the best time to visit Costa Rica due to its predictable hot and sunny weather. This season is perfect for outdoor activities, beach days, and beautiful evening outdoor events. However, it’s also the peak season for tourism, resulting in higher hotel occupation, premium prices, and larger crowds.

In contrast, the “green season,” which lasts from May to November, is often overlooked, as many wrongly assume it’s the rainy season. But the country is most beautiful this season, with lush, green vegetation. And the added bonus of visiting during the green season is that you can avoid the crowds and high prices of peak travel season. So, consider braving the rain and exploring Costa Rica during the underrated green season.

Best Times to Visit

  • For Beach Days

Between mid-December and March, the northern Pacific region of Costa Rica experiences lower humidity levels and significantly less rainfall, meaning the ocean becomes calm, clear, and ideal for swimming and other water activities such as deep-sea fishing and snorkel catamaran trips.

  • To Surf

Costa Rica boasts 800 miles of coastline and is home to globally recognized surf destinations like Tamarindo Beach, making it a surfer’s paradise. Although surfing is possible year-round, if you prioritize big swells and consistent surf, the rainy green season between May and December is the perfect time to visit.

  • To Avoid Crowds

Costa Rica is a favorite family vacation spot, and peak tourist times coincide with school holidays like spring break, summer vacation, and winter holidays. The high season runs from mid-December to March, with the most predictable, sunny weather. After Easter week in mid-April, peak tourist season ends, crowds dissipate, and the weather remains relatively dry.

  • For the Best Deals

Costa Rica’s peak season, from December through March, comes with higher prices for hotels and tours. If you want to avoid these premium prices, consider visiting during the low season, from May through early December. Although these months have more showers and sunny mornings, there are fewer tourists, and you can enjoy the lush foliage that emerges during Costa Rica’s green season. This is an excellent trade-off for paying less for accommodations, excursions, and airlift.

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