Here’s What to Do on Your Incentive Trip in Arenal

Here’s What to Do on Your Incentive Trip in Arenal

Arenal stands as a top-tier tourist hotspot in Costa Rica, renowned for its captivating hikes, geothermal springs, a serene lake boasting breathtaking sunsets, captivating caves for exploration, and the iconic La Fortuna waterfall. Enhance your Arenal experience, when you venture out on your corporate incentive trip to Costa Rica. This travel guide by Costa Rica DMC provides valuable insights about the best things to do in Arenal to help you plan your journey and maximize your time in this sought-after destination.

1. Go to the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

Take part in a journey down the Frío River, leading you to the expansive 1,975-acre Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge for wildlife observation, swimming, or even rafting. These biodiverse wetlands are among the most globally significant, and promise encounters with monkeys, caimans (akin to alligators), iguanas, crocodiles, sloths, and a myriad of bird species! While you can visit the refuge independently, it’s highly recommended to go with a guide who possesses the expertise to spot and identify the well-concealed creatures.

2. See Arenal Volcano National Park

Established in 1991, this expansive national park covers an area of 46 square miles and encompasses both the active Arenal Volcano and the dormant Chato Volcano, which last erupted many millennia ago. Within the park, you’ll discover an abundance of hiking trails, including the aptly named Lava Flow Trail, where you can trek along the remnants of the 1968 Arenal eruption. The area teems with diverse wildlife, offering opportunities to spot monkeys, deer, coati, and snakes. Moreover, the park is renowned for hosting a rich avian population, including the elusive resplendent quetzal, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Lady standing near water fall

3. See La Fortuna Waterfall

This immense waterfall plummets nearly 250 feet into a substantial water basin below. Taking a dip in the chilly waters is truly revitalizing, especially following a trek under the scorching sun! It’s essential to wear robust footwear since the path leading to the waterfall involves descending a lengthy and steep staircase.

4. Visit the Hot Springs

Enjoy an evening of relaxation by indulging in one of the volcanic hot springs located at the volcano’s base. In the vicinity, you’ll find a variety of options for hot springs, catering to different budgets and preferences. There is a complimentary hot springs experience, resembling more of a warm creek, available at Río Chollín, which is conveniently situated near Tabacón Resort. To access Río Chollín, you can opt for a taxi ride from town or park your vehicle alongside the road. Alternatively, you can partake in a comprehensive day tour package that includes a visit to the resort’s hot springs, Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, and a traditional lunch at the Maleku indigenous reserve.

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