4 Surprising Facts About Costa Rica

4 Surprising Facts About Costa Rica

When it comes to Costa Rica, you’ve likely encountered the term “Pura Vida.” You may be aware of the country’s remarkable biodiversity and its decision to abolish its military. However, moving beyond these foundational facts, how much do you truly understand about the Ticos’ homeland? Below, our team at Costa Rica DMC tells you four interesting facts about Costa Rica.

Its Unique National Animal

Monkeys rank as some of the most prevalent mammals in the nation. However, it’s not the capuchin, spider, squirrel, or howler monkey that occupies the esteemed position of Costa Rica’s “national animal.” Surprisingly, that honor goes to the white-tailed deer! In fact, the 1,000 colones bill even features an image of this deer.

Costa Rica is Famous for its “Golden Grain”

Costa Rica’s history is intertwined with coffee, known locally as “el grano de oro” or the “golden grain.” Coffee played a pivotal role in its early development, farmers receiving free land for cultivating it in the 1800s. It funded San Jose’s National Theatre, and today, coffee remains a vital crop and income source.



Locally, coffee is called “yodo” or “yodito” (“a little iodine”). The traditional and finest method is using a “chorreador,” a pour-over setup with a mesh filter pouch on a wooden frame. Coffee flavors vary by elevation and soil, offering a silky body, ranging from fruity to smoky chocolate notes.

Both Coasts Are Extremely Accessible

Begin your day by embracing the Caribbean sunrise, and surf the renowned waves of Salsa Brava. Afterward, make a swift transition to Manuel Antonio, and bask in the presence of the most spectacular Pacific sunset. Be sure to look out for white-faced monkeys – they are very friendly, and love to play!

The coast-to-coast journey takes approximately seven hours by car. You can always have an early start, make intriguing stops along the route such as the Poas Volcano and the captivating gardens in Zarcero, and you’ll be on a continuous pursuit of the sun throughout the day.

Wildlife in Costa Rica Takes a Different Shape

Costa Rica places a strong emphasis on biodiversity and environmental preservation. In 2013, the Minister of Environment spearheaded an initiative to “promote the concept of interacting with biodiversity in botanical parks in a manner consistent with nature.” The fundamental principle behind this initiative was that no animals should be kept in captivity unless they were undergoing rescue or rehabilitation.

This prompted zoos to renovate and create more extensive, natural habitats. Across the country, wildlife rehabilitation centers have emerged, dedicated to nurturing a diverse range of animals such as anteaters, sloths and jaguars, back to health and eventually reintroducing them to their natural habitats.

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