Top Things to See and Do in Arenal, Costa Rica

Top Things to See and Do in Arenal, Costa Rica

Stroll through the dense tropical forests, enjoy the beautiful blue hues of Lake Arenal, and admire the towering Arenal Volcano. Visitors are struck by the beauty and diverse wildlife in the Arenal area of Costa Rica. If you’re seeking adventure, you’ll find plenty of exotic attractions to discover here. We at Costa Rica DMC have compiled a list of things to do in Arenal in this blog.

Reasons to Visit Arenal, Costa Rica


Experience the power of Arenal Volcano, observe wildlife in the Frío River, and explore a world of untouched and unmatched natural beauty in Costa Rica. Arenal and its surroundings have amazing natural wonders to see, and things to do. It’s a great time to plan a trip to this tropical destination.

  • Arenal Volcano: In this part of Costa Rica, you’ll find a natural landmark rising above the landscape, standing tall amid the clouds. The volcano was highly active from 1968 to 2008, but since 2010, it has been relatively calm. Witnessing this site of fire and volcanic activity will make you appreciate the Earth’s immense power.
  • Peñas Blancas River: Enjoy a day on a safari boat tour along the Peñas Blancas River. A local guide will help you spot wildlife such as sloths, river turtles and crocodiles during your journey. Don’t forget your raincoat and sunscreen here as the weather can be unpredictable.


Many tourists visit Costa Rica to see its wildlife. You’ll find a range of interesting animals in Costa Rica’s tropical environment, like sloths in trees and jungle cats roaming at night. Keep a lookout for these exotic creatures when you’re in the Arenal area.

  • Red-Eyed Tree Frogs: In Costa Rica’s Arenal region, you can see frogs with bright green skin and red eyes. They can hop between trees and stick to various surfaces thanks to special sticky pads on their fingers and toes. If you visit Arenal Volcano National Park, you might encounter these small, lovely creatures.
  • Sloths: Many tourists visiting Costa Rica make it their priority to see the cute and gentle sloth. You’ll probably spot the three-toed sloth during the day, but you might get lucky and see a two-toed sloth on a night hike. Remember to gaze up into the trees to spot these smiling, slow-moving creatures!

The Attractions

Costa Rica is renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, making it a top choice for eco-tourism enthusiasts. Whether you’re into plants, animals or natural wonders, there are numerous attractions to satisfy your curiosity.

  • White-water Rafting: Costa Rica provides excellent white-water rafting opportunities. In Arenal, you can experience an exciting day of this water sport on the San Blas River, satisfying your need for adventure.
  • Hanging Bridges: Experience life from the treetops with a guided walk on Arenal’s hanging bridges. Explore the rich ecosystem thriving in the lush tropical forest, where you’ll encounter diverse plants and animals. While on the hanging bridges, you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of Arenal Volcano.

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